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I was told that I was born with a pen in my hand. My mother was not amused. She still isn't. Five of six of us kids are in the Entertainment Biz -- five of us are closet-Leos. Or are we? Website:

Tech Culture

I’m always interested in Silicon Valley’s playlist – down n dirty rap, Dancehall, or Trance. I cross-check theirs with Ari Melber of MSNBC.  He uses the  lyrics of rap within the context of Politics. Either way, it’s fun. As much … Continue reading

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The Third Self

I have a different experience with each project I undertake.  The book that I am presently writing stops me occasionally while my fingers fly across the keyboard taking dictation from my inner me.   At some point my inner me … Continue reading

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To live is to dance with Joy

For those who serve humanity, it is profound and noble to be alive at this time! What we do now matters more than praise or fame and causes hearts to dance with joy!

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Altered States

Altered States is a 1980 American science-fiction horror film directed by Ken Russell and adapted from a novel by the same name by playwright and screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky. The film was adapted from Chayefsky’s only novel and is his final … Continue reading

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Spilling one’s Guts

A few years ago I had an accident that landed me in the hospital where I had a series of surgeries. Scared me to the core. Before that incident, I felt invincible. After surgery, I read Stephen King’s memoir. I … Continue reading

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A spark of light – until we meet again, my friend

Anita had an exquisite way with words and always came from truth, whether hard or soft as a pillow. Through personal dialogue and encouragement, and the very intimate meetings where she facilitated our Sophia group, I not only got insight … Continue reading

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per·i·pe·tei·a Peripeteia /ˌpɛrəpᵻˈtaɪ.ə/ (Greek: περιπέτεια) is a reversal of circumstances, or turning point.  The Anglicized form of peripeteia is peripety. [per-uh-pi-tahy-uh: a sudden turn of events or an unexpected reversal, especially in a literary work. In Literary works, a complex … Continue reading

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Third Person Close … admittedly a wonton within another, within a third.

Says Birgitte Rasine, whom I read while scanning articles on the best POV for a particularly special story.  She writes: I personally love close third person. The closer, the better! ;-) Here’s an excerpt from my short story “Confession” (already … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a character

I am amazed at how much detail goes into creating believable characters.  From the book “Homeland Revealed,” Creator/ showrunner, Alex Gansa  actress, Claire Danes share. Gansa: I am a writer. My title says Executive Producer, but I am, at the … Continue reading

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Hollywood’s history of aiding in the role of Intelligence – Argo

Following the SOTU address last night by President Barack Obama, many felt the afterglow of  having a phenomenon for President all along, working without beating his chest like “Tarzan” or pitting people or countries against each other, or religions against … Continue reading

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