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Anatomy of a character

I am amazed at how much detail goes into creating believable characters.  From the book “Homeland Revealed,” Creator/ showrunner, Alex Gansa  actress, Claire Danes share. Gansa: I am a writer. My title says Executive Producer, but I am, at the … Continue reading

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Hollywood’s history of aiding in the role of Intelligence – Argo

Following the SOTU address last night by President Barack Obama, many felt the afterglow of  having a phenomenon for President all along, working without beating his chest like “Tarzan” or pitting people or countries against each other, or religions against … Continue reading

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In Literary works, a complex plot implies a reversal of intention or situation and recognition.  Reversal of situation is a change from which the action veers round to its opposite.  Recognition is a change from ignorance to knowledge.  Both these … Continue reading

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If Every Hero Has An Oracle, So Must We…

Every hero has two things: An oracle A mentor The hero uses the oracle to connect with the power from which he is the mentor, as a guide. Much like in The Matrix, and excellent model for real life.  The … Continue reading

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Travelling through the stars, dancing in the light — until we meet again, my friend.

Anita had an exquisite way with words and always came from truth, whether hard or soft as a pillow. Through personal dialogue and encouragement, and the very intimate meetings where she facilitated our Sophia group, a meeting of minds discussing … Continue reading

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Paint it Big!

I thought I knew Georgia O’Keeffe. C’mon– big, interesting and sexually suggestive flowers, right? My idea of who this ground-breaking artist was came from a story told in my writing class about her fleeing her art studio shed, where she … Continue reading

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In The Fray of Gold

“I imagine the appropriate time to go insane, as Dick’s quote suggests, is on the page”
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