Travelling through the stars, dancing in the light — until we meet again, my friend.


Anita had an exquisite way with words and always came from truth, whether hard or soft as a pillow. Through personal dialogue and encouragement, and the very intimate meetings where she facilitated our Sophia group, a meeting of minds discussing the books, “The Human Revolution” and our role in society.  I not only gained new  insight into the writings of Daisaku Ikeda, but learned to implement them, bit by tiny bit, throwing them up against all challenges that seemed larger than life, as they always seem.   Anita called it, “How to eat an elephant in bite-sized pieces.”

She constantly gave me opportunities to express the talent she was convinced I had — more so than I was, always “shoving me into my own light.”

“Stand in your light and own your power! “, she’d say.

She not only said that, but showed me how by being the mighty, flapping wings behind those words, manifesting them in reality. Her grasp of the gosho, letters from the 13th century reform priest, Nichiren, and her way of explaining them on a cellular level was magnificent to experience!  And she loved to say shocking things just to prod me into loosening any tight, prudish grips I had on how to behave for society’s approval. There was nothing too taboo to discuss; in fact, Anita seemed to appreciate the unusual. She turned everything on its head, and made sense of it all.

Saying goodbye to a friend entails, well, saying goodbye.  But this event choreographed for Anita unfolded in a rich and opulent, sensory experience — hopeful and uplifting, bittersweet, and at times hilarious.  There is no way to truly express the profundity of this gathering,  attended by a splendid array of family, friends, performers and admirers.

When I first met Anita, I instantly felt part of her family, as have so many. Together, at the memorial, we were all transported to a place where the eternal magnificence of Anita and the love she shared graced us all with an eternal kiss of light. Like walking on a golden chord, through a kaleidoscope of light laden with transformative powers.  I felt like we had all joined hands in one, big, ceremony in the air. I will never forget it.

Thank you, Anita. Thank you, thank you! I see now how it’s done!


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I was told that I was born with a pen in my hand. My mother was not amused. She still isn't. Five of six of us kids are in the Entertainment Biz -- five of us are closet-Leos. Website:
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2 Responses to Travelling through the stars, dancing in the light — until we meet again, my friend.

  1. beeseeker says:

    A lot expressed in a few well chosen words. Thanks for sharing this one.

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